The Extraordinary And Unexpected Adventure


Six weeks down..possibly 46 more?

Well, we arrived back in Bangkok. No plan, limited funds (spent A LOT of money traveling through Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India…that Tokyo bullet train ain’t cheap), and exhausted out of our minds. We booked a place through Airbnb at G Feel Studios near Punnawithi BTS station. Our goal was to spend a couple nights at a luxurious place to rest up and regroup.

After traveling through four countries, over 10 cities, all with about a three night average at each place, we were ready to sleep.
This decision to start our own adventure in Bangkok was on a whim. In the midst of chugging Vietnamese coffee in front of a computer at the Tomodachi House in Hanoi, Vietnam, we made our decision. We looked at each other and asked, “Why not? I’m sure we’ll like it!”.
Did we make the right decision?
We did. We definitely did.
This is when I think about how lucky Morgan and I were during this transition. We could have severely disliked Bangkok. All we cared about were these four things…
  1. Safety
  2. Expense
  3. Job opportunities
  4. Food
After our very extensive research (about 20 minutes of caffeinated anxiety in front of a computer), we arrived at the cornerstone of our adventure. Two weeks later we were off to Bangkok.
There’s nothing like Thailand. When you research this beautiful country you’ll see photos of tropical islands and picturesque scenery.
If you search Bangkok specifically, you’ll see national monuments, architecture unlike anything in the US, as well as gorgeous sunset views from a variety of rooftop bars. Our favorite is called Long Table, the view from the 25th floor overlooks the entire city, comes with an infinity pool, and a reasonably priced happy hour.
This is the glamorous part of Bangkok. But then…of course…Bangkok is also the city of sin.
You will find photos of Khao San Road (the tourist playground for cheap drinks), Soi Cowboy (an interesting area that we encountered on a Hangover 2 film tour…), and other party areas throughout the city. Even eating a scorpion is considered normal.
This is the usual experience for many tourists while staying in Bangkok. They will see some tourist destinations, party a little…or a lot…, try some Thai food, and return home without any real sense of Thai culture as a whole.
We’re here to help share our stories and make traveling easier for those that are daring enough to take some risks. As I write this, we’ve lived in Bangkok for the majority of our time in SE Asia. To this day, I still think about arriving in Bangkok on June 22nd, 2017. We have photos, videos, advice, stories, some L’s, and whole lot of W’s. Follow along with this adventure and the future ones to come.
– Kyle

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