Surprise Vacation Anyone? Book Flights/Hotels With NEXTOP TRAVEL

Welcome to your entertaining, informative, and border line magical advice of the day.

Have you ever wanted to go on a surprise vacation? A vacation where the planning, scheduling, and repetitive inputting of information was done for you? Interested?

Well…NEXTOP Travel has you covered.

Morgan and I are teaming up with this incredible company because it embodies our personal goals for this blog: reigniting the adventure of travel and exposing followers to new places around the world.

We’re all creatures of habit. You travel somewhere, love it, and before you know it, you’re trip to revisit is partially or fully planned within a week of returning home.

Morgan and I have a list of countries we want to revisit. After traveling to 30+ countries collectively, it’d be hard not to *looking at you Bali*.

BUT, this habit negatively impacts your original purpose of travel…seeing and experiencing something new!

This surprise vacation trend is growing rapidly. It’s like a surprise birthday party…without that friend texting the birthday girl “What time do I come over?”

When you visit their site, NEXTOP Travel explains the two main purposes of this concept.

  1. When you’re looking for an adventure but enjoy the element of surprise. Whether that be domestically and/or internationally.

  2. You just don’t want to spend hours searching for flights/hotels. Don’t call it lazy, think of it as time management *by not spending any time on it*

#2 I think we can all agree with. The countless hours Morgan and I spent on booking flights (price fluctuation, hidden additional fees, finding the best deal, etc.) and hotels (same as flights…except watch out for that AirBnB cleaning fee…it’ll always get ya), makes us wish we had this service at our finger tips.

For #1…there are some obvious concerns.

You might ask yourself, “Am I really going to trust this company with my personal information…let alone to send me off to some random place?

What if my dream vacation is in Hawaii but they send me to Alaska?

What if I land in the ridiculously expensive city of London and my daily budget was $100?

To NEXTOP Travel, information is key, as well as protected. That’s why they have an in-depth survey and security policies. Upon filling out your information, you will explain your desired locations and accommodations, among other preferences.

This is why the company attracted us and its customer base. They value your time (limited layovers), money (they stay strictly within your desired budget) and guarantee an unforgettable experience (they book river rafting, concert tickets, hiking expeditions, etc.).

I’ll help you with that other question you’re probably thinking…how do they keep it a surprise?

Well, if you just can’t handle your excitement, you have the option of requesting booking information once the plans are set. Otherwise, they send you a weather forecast to help you pack and you’re off!!

Last question: Is this service ridiculously expensive…?

Surprisingly, not…at…all.

For a company that only books 4 and 5-star hotels and prioritizes nonstop flights…you’ll be shocked by the price. Best part…we have a discount code for you 😉

Any further questions overlooked in this post you will find on the page. The company is extremely transparent and communicates effectively with any questions you may have.

Last, but not least, use our code: NEXTOPMK. You’ll get $50 off your trip!

Click here for the website!

We are hoping this will be the first of many posts about NEXTOP Travel! In the future, we’ll be writing about our personal experiences. I’m sure we’ll have some fantastic stories and photos to share.

As always, hope you enjoyed the post! Like, follow, and comment with your thoughts.

Let’s bring the adventure back to traveling.

– Kyle

4 thoughts on “Surprise Vacation Anyone? Book Flights/Hotels With NEXTOP TRAVEL

    1. Our thoughts exactly! I’m sure you’ve had issues with planning (booking flights and hotels🙄) …this is the perfect solution with a fun twist to it! Thanks for the comment 🤗


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