Singapore Official Backpacking Guide: Our 3 Days In This Futuristic City

3 days in Singapore!

In honor of our new favorite movie Crazy Rich Asians, we want to share our unforgettable experience in Singapore with all of you! It was so fun watching the movie because we were in the filming locations during the same time as shooting 🙂

Singapore: It’s a spotless and booming city, decorated with the world’s most advanced architecture and amazing food on every corner. Does it get any better than that?

It’s no wonder why you don’t see many backpackers in Singapore….

Planning a trip to visit this sophisticated city can be difficult when you are a traveler on a budget. But, it doesn’t mean it’s not possible.

If we can give you any advice, it would be to do it quick and to incorporate a lot of walking because exploring this beautiful city definitely comes with a price.

Kyle and I were nervous when we first started to plan our getaway to Singapore. We didn’t want to break the bank, but also didn’t want to ditch visiting all together. Luckily, we found a system where we could still do everything we wanted at a cost backpackers could afford!

Here is our layout for three days in Singapore on a budget:

Incredible Singapore architecture

Where to stay?

You will find that there are quite a few hostels sprinkled around downtown Singapore. But, I have to say Kyle and I found the gem of them all. Located right beside Clarke Quay, sits the Uptown Hostel (now: Vintage Inn Hostel…we prefer the original name). If your looking for a reasonable price in the perfect location to any and all main attractions, this is your place.

Uptown Hostel: *Book on Hostelworld*

  • Fits your basic needs: bed, showers, and NUTELLA!
  • Only costs $21 per bunk bed (this is a steal in Singapore)
  • Main perk: Walking distance to EVERYTHING (the only public transportation Kyle and I used was from the airport to the city and to Sentosa Island on our last day)

DAY 1 –

Clarke Quay

This quickly became our favorite hangout spot. If you read Kyle’s last post, you’ll know we like to find “our spot” in every city we go to. 🙂

In Singapore, sitting on the steps by the river in Clarke Quay (pronounced “key”) was something we did everyday. We would even stop by here every time we had a layover in Singapore in between other countries in SE Asia.

Here you will find live music every night, street performers, and incredible restaurants right on the water!

China Town

This location may not be the cleanest corner in the city, but we definitely recommend checking it out.

This is one of the most popular areas for cheap food and as you will see, just about every stall in the Hawker Center has a line. If you are a fan of trinkets and market shopping, stop by the main China Town street during the day!

Light Show at Merlion Statue (FREE)

Another one of our favorite spots in Singapore. I recommend hitting this spot at least twice. Once around sunset, and once for the light show at 20:00.

Favorite view in Singapore

Dinner On The River

If you are walking from Clarke Quay to the Merlion Statue *once again, I recommend walking to save money*, you will find yourself a path along the river that is filled with dozens of waterfront restaurants. This is the perfect place to grab dinner before you check out the light show! 

DAY 2 –

ArtScience Museum (20 Singapore dollars) – SO. MUCH. FUN.

I know for most millennial backpackers/travelers just the thought of a museum makes you want to sleep. This interactive and incredible museum provides endless entertainment in an oasis of AIR CONDITIONING.

Trust me, Singapore is hot and when you are walking everywhere, you’re going to want to find some places to hide out from the heat during the day!

Art Science Museum - Singapore

Marina Sands Bay

From the Art & Science Museum you can take a quick 10 minute walk through the most gorgeous mall you will probably ever see and arrive at the famous Marina Sands Bay Hotel.

Kyle and I opted out of going to the top (this is probably where you see all the Instagram pictures in the infinity pool) to avoid the $25 dollar entrance fee. But, whether you go to the top or not, I recommend walking through this spectacular hotel.

Staying here is definitely on our future bucket list!

Singapore sunsets!

Gardens by the Bay

One of the coolest tourist attractions we have ever visited. This unique nature park contains the famous super tree structures connected by a skywalk that offers incredible views of the 121 acre lot.

I recommend going once during the day and once to see the famous trees light up at night. The best thing about it is that you can walk through the gardens and see the super trees for FREE!

*Any other special exhibit you will have to pay*

Also, they often will host events in the park at night which can be fun, but will also cost you a bit more. Just make sure you plan ahead. The amazing part is you can always walk around the main grounds for free so remember that!

The Singapore Super Trees

DAY 3 – 

Fort Canning Park

Best place for a morning stroll with a coffee cup in hand. This lush park is just a 10 minute walk through Clark Quay from Uptown Hostel: where you hopefully will be staying if you are a backpacker!!!

Morning walks in Singapore

Sentosa Island

Luge racing in Singapore!

This premier island is filled with theme park attractions, sandy beaches, and tons of restaurants. It even has it’s own Universal Studios!!

If you are looking to bring out your inner child while traveling, you have to head over to Sentosa Island to do the Luge racing (under $30 for 2 people).  

This may cost more than you are willing to spend, but Kyle and I were laughing non-stop as we raced each other down the winding hill. Not to mention some hilarious videos on me getting stuck.

Singapore is one of the most incredible cities that Kyle and I have ever traveled to!

If you are thinking of removing it from your “must visit” list because you are worried about the cost…Think again!!

Just walking around downtown itself will provide you with unforgettable memories and I promise you will fall in love with this tiny country after just a few hours.

If you have any questions about traveling to Singapore, please comment below! To keep up with our future adventures follow us on Instagram and our Facebook page! 🙂

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Happy traveling!


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