Malacca: A Trendy Cafe Lover’s Guide To An Overlooked Riverside City

Malacca : a quaint, historical city located on a beautiful river bank. 

River Bank in Malacca
River Bank in Malacca

Malacca is a European – Esque town smack dab in the middle of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. It’s the perfect place to stop as you are traveling between these locations!

Kyle and I did just that. Making our way down from KL to Singapore, we decided to make this bustling small town a pitstop on our journey.

Our time in Malacca can only truly be described as three days of cafe hopping. SHOCKER…I’m sure you now know Kyle and I plan our days around food.

But trust me, it’s hard to resist when every other shop on Jonker Street is a cutely decorated cafe, advertising the infamous Malaysian White coffee and cold ice cream.

Yes, even if you didn’t plan on ice cream being in your everyday forecast, the humid/sticky air is going to make you think otherwise (and it will be both humid & sticky).

Prepare yourself for the heat and you are going to fall in love with this quirky little town.

Joker Street is the main hub in Malacca and where most travelers will spend their time. From weekend night markets to cute cafes this popular and touristy street is something you don’t want to miss. Here Kyle and I watched vendors juggle coconuts and slice them open mid air, we held a local’s baby monkey & tried some of the most amazing food we have ever tasted.

Jonker Street Flea Market
Jonker Street Flea Market



Layang Layang Guest House – The rooms are extremely affordable, they have AC, and not to mention it feels like you are staying in a treehouse!

Chances are, if you are traveling to Malacca, it will only be for a night or a couple days. This is why we think it is important to know just what cafes to go to so you don’t miss out on the best this town has to offer!

HERE is our Cafe Lover’s Guide to Malacca:

The Baboon House

BEST. BURGERS. EVER. Throughout our 300+ days in SE Asia, this was by far the best burgers we came across. From the moment you enter the speak-easy vibe cafe you are transformed into a quiet jungle oasis. This secretive cafe is like no other place we have ever been to. That is why it is at the top of our list!


Kaya Kaya

Just a few doors down from our tree house of a hotel, sat this cute cafe with an amazing breakfast menu & darling interior. If you are craving a traditional scrambled egg & bacon breakfast, this is definitely your place!

We loved Malacca cafes

Geographer Cafe

This cafe is the perfect place to have an afternoon snack or dinner! Here we ate: potato wedges that were to die for, Nasi Goreng and chicken satay. Everything we ate, we loved! If you are looking for a cafe to be able to sit on a patio, enjoy the sun, and people watch, this is definitely the place for you.

Malacca Cafe #78

Limau – Limau Cafe

Just a 5 minute walk from our stay, this cutely decorated cafe was a highlight for Kyle. Here, he ordered a breakfast sandwich that had the fluffiest most delicious eggs he has ever had. No joke, he still talks about it. (I wish I took a picture but he ate it too fast)

This cafe has great food, but prepare for it to be extremely hot inside. This is why we recommend going early for breakfast because they do not have A/C.

Fluffiest eggs in Malacca

The Stolen Cup

We hit this cafe up on four separate occasions during our three days in Malacca. If that doesn’t tell you something, I don’t know what will. All I can say is this trendy & stylish cafe had probably the best coconut vanilla ice cream in the world and their rose lemonade wasn’t half bad either. 🙂 The Stolen Cup, you have stolen our hearts!

Best ice cream in Malacca
One of our favorite cafe in Malacca


The Melting Pot (not necessarily a cafe but an absolute MUST) –

In our quick 2 day visit to Malacca, Kyle and I made a point to come here twice! You know we like a place if we go more than once because we are always looking to try new things. Their coconut oil fried rice is to die for!!!

NOTE*** All the cafes have different hours and many close early so plan your dinner stops accordingly. Kyle and I were not aware of this and almost couldn’t find a place that was open for dinner. PLAN AHEAD.

Thank you for reading all about Malacca and our favorite places to grab a bite to eat. We have a lot of travel advice to share and we are in the works of some pretty amazing posts that will be up in the very near future!

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Happy Traveling!





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