Bali: Best Places To Stay In Ubud

When your looking online for a place to stay during your trip to Ubud, you might find the process to be quite overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from and just about every one of them looks perfect. Don’t spend too much time stressing over where to stay because I promise you this energetic and cultural city is going to quickly grab your attention.

After your arrival in the city of Ubud, also known as the heart of Bali, you will realize this is not the type of place where you are going to want to hide out in your room. Though the romantic and secluded villas are quite appealing, I assure you that even the travelers staying in those types of places will be eager to explore. Better yet, stay in one of the many homestays that surround the main center of Ubud and really experience the Balinese culture by living with the local families. Many families in Ubud own properties that are built up to have several guesthouses for travelers who are looking for cheap places to stay and easy access to the hustle and bustle of the town. Kyle and I discovered we enjoyed the homestay experience more than staying in removed villas, but then again it’s all personal preference.


It doesn’t get much better than an Airbnb that is reasonably priced and in the perfect location, right? Wrong.

Patra Homestay is so much more than your average Airbnb. For just $11 dollars a night you will be staying in what looks like a Balinese temple with a family that will bring you in as one of their own. From the moment you walk up the steps into the property, I can almost guarantee you will have yourself an “i’m not in Kansas anymore” moment and find yourself surrounded by stone structures, dragon fruit trees, and religious offerings that cover the entryway.

You will be greeted by a sweet and smiling mom holding her grandson who will guide you to one of five different rooms. If you are lucky, you will get the authentic Baliniese room to the right of the entrance. If you are looking for a spacious and simple room with a lot of character, call ahead of time and ask if you can request this room. This was our favorite and first guesthouse we stayed in on the property.

They also have a brand new building, set in the back, that contains four different rooms. The family opened this building during our stay and Kyle and I were actually the first guests to sleep here. We also loved this because of it’s brand new amenities and for the fact that it was a bit more removed from their howling roosters in the morning. Talk about a 5am wake up call.

Price – $11-$16 per night. 

Location – The location of this Homestay couldn’t be more perfect. Located right next door to the famous Seniman Coffee shop and just a three minute walk from the main road, you could honestly get by without even renting a motorbike. You can easily walk to a wide variety of restaurants, shops, and even the famous art market. If you want to stay in the heart of the city, Patra is the perfect place for you.

Special Features – Monkey forests, lush jungles, rice terraces, and more infinity pools than you could count are all at your finger tips. My advice: get yourself a motorbike and go see the city that so many rave about. One of the best things about staying at Patra Homestay is that they have nice motor bikes for you to rent that cost around $4 per day…not bad if you ask me.

On top of the cheap price for transportation around the city, something Kyle and I adored about this Homestay was their healthy and affordable home cooked breakfast options. Every morning we would wake up to a hot water thermos on our patio table with a variety of coffee and tea packages. About ten minutes after relaxing in the sun with a coffee cup in hand, our cute mom would turn the corner with plates full of homegrown tropical fruits and fresh veggie omelets. This is how we began every day in Ubud.

English – Though Kyle and I both grew to love our Patra family very much, we did find it was sometimes a little difficult to communicate with them. If you are looking for things to do in the city and for restaurant recommendations, I would look to your online sources for advice, or a future blog post from us. I promise you the family at Patra will take great care of you and make you feel at home, you just may not get some of the outside information you want from them.

As you can tell, staying at Patra homestay was the highlight of our time in Ubud. If you are looking for a more cultural and different experience from your average hotel, I recommend trying out one of the many homestays on the island.


It’s hard to beat staying at Patra as a budget traveller, but if you are looking to change up the pace and to spice things up, you will find beautiful villas sprinkled throughout the city of Ubud.

What you will find is that these villas are a bit removed from the city itself. They are usually set back into the jungle and tend to be in more local areas. This is definitely a different experience from many of the homestay options, but one I think is definitely worth the splurge…at least for one night.

The villa Kyle and I chose to stay at was called Eden Estates. We found the listing through Airbnb and paid around $40 per night. Our room was absolutely stunning. It’s hard to complain when you have a large canopy bed and a bath tub the size of a luxury jacuzzi. Talk about heaven. To top it off, breakfast in the morning is delivered to your room so you can enjoy a nice and relaxing morning in bed without having to go anywhere.

The property itself is quite large with a lot to offer to tourists. There are three different pools, a restaurant, spa, a few different shops, and a lot of friendly staff members. In addition, no villa is the same. Each building has it’s own character and unique design. The environment was very quiet and relaxing during our stay, which was definitely a nice change of pace from staying in the center of the city for the three weeks leading up to the stay at this villa.

The only downside to a place like this is the location. As I mentioned prior, villas tend to be a bit out of the way. So when you are stuck on a motor bike in the pouring rain in the middle of January, sometimes convenience is your best friend, not the enchanting villa. Just keep that in mind when you are looking to book. Though a place may seem absolutely perfect, location also plays a key component in the experience of your trip, so if location is important to you definitely make sure you check before you book.

From homestays to villas, you really can’t go wrong when choosing a place to stay in Ubud. If you have any questions or need advice while planning your trip, please feel free to comment below.

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