Top Places To Eat in Ubud, Bali

Do you ever find yourself planning a vacation by food first, then activities…? Meet Morgan and me. We will plan the next day and the day after that based on what food we want to eat and what restaurants seem enticing. Sound like anybody you know? If dinner is planned before breakfast, that’s you.

In Ubud (the central part of Bali), there are hundreds of restaurants/cafes to choose from. How the hell do you decide where to eat? Do you try to eat 4 or 5 meals a day…? Good luck! Maybe your budget allows only two? Either way, it’s almost impossible to eat at every single restaurant Ubud has to offer.

Our goal is to save you time, energy, and the possible regret of missing out on something special. Here’s our Top 9 restaurants/cafes and Top 2 dessert spots. All locations wash ingredients with mineral water.

Who’s Who


Price Range (CASH ONLY): 59.000 – 93.000 rupiah ($4-$7) *cue “are you serious?” moment. Surprisingly this is expensive when compared to surrounding areas in SE Asia*

Recommendations: Home-made Iced Tea (red berries – 4 flowers – dried fruit) + Chicken Filet + Shoarma

By far our favorite restaurant in Ubud, possibly in Bali. It’s first on the list for a reason! If you’re looking for a date night or just a relaxing spot away from the main road, this is it. The menu is somewhat limited but there are options for everyone. Who’s Who is overlooked based on its location and we couldn’t be happier that we stumbled upon it. No matter what you choose on the menu you’ll leave happy.


Bali photo


Price Range: 45.000 – 155.000 rupiah ($3-$11) *Majority of main dishes are ~70.000 rupiah ($5)*

Recommendations: Nomad Nasi Goreng + Nomad Mie Goreng + Soto Ayam (w/ rice noodles)

We ate at Nomad at least 4 or 5 times. That speaks to its unique style and flavor. If you choose to visit a restaurant more than once on a vacation, you know that’s a winner. They serve a selection of local, Asian fusion, and Western food. Along with the menu, the overall ambience attracts foreigners from all over the island. It’s also seen as a meeting point for shuttle services/taxis, it’s hard to miss this spot while in Ubud. Try the Arak Gin!

Taco Casa

Price Range: 47.000 – 90.000 rupiah ($3-$6.50) *And these dishes aren’t small…*

Recommendations: Beef Nachos + Chicken Wet Burrito + Chicken Naked Burrito Bowl

Are you missing burritos, nachos, and cheese quesadillas you’d attempt to make after a night out? For all those Mexican food lovers, here you go. The margarita selection is top notch and the staff are extremely friendly. We experienced a black out while eating dinner; within minutes we had a candle on our table and a smiling chef sharing his life story.

Ubud Gluten Free Kitchen

Price Range: 50.000 – 90.000 rupiah ($4-$6.50)

Recommendations: Gnocchi Pesto + All Sandwiches + GF Chocolate Brownies (Unfortunately, we don’t recommend the schnitzel. There are better places to get your deep-fried meat.)

Gluten free everything. Even if you’re not GF, you won’t regret eating at this phenomenal restaurant. It includes an extensive menu, entertaining conversations with the owner and tourists, and a ground floor bakery. This location creates the perfect one-stop shop for relaxation and hunger. In addition, the waiting system revolves around bells placed at every table. It’s a must while in Ubud. Little hint: Write them a review on TripAdvisor for a 15% discount off your bill. Show them the comment before you post it!

Ubud Raya – Family Restaurant

Price Range: Similar Prices As Above – Under 100.000 rupiah ($7)

Recommendations: Young Coconut + Nasi Goreng + Mie Goreng + Happy Hour

Sofas instead of tables. Massive coconuts meant for two. Presentation skills and quality above most restaurants around the world. Located next to Oops Café, your traditional Balinese meal awaits. Ask to be seated in the back with the separated lounge tables. Take off your shoes, lay down, and try not to fall asleep.


Price Range: 50.000 – 125.000 rupiah ($4-$9)

Recommendations: Angus Beef Burger w/ Bacon + Chicken Sate Burger *If GF, ask for grilled*

Known for its coffee and hamburgers, you can’t drive down Monkey Forest Street without noticing this exceptional restaurant. The moment you see one of these triple decker burgers come out from the kitchen, your indecisiveness will be solved. It’s the most expensive thing on the menu, but when you’re craving something you gotta do it right.

Anomali Coffee Ubud

Price Range: Under 80.000 rupiah ($6)

Recommendations: Coffee + Nasi Goreng + Chicken Caesar Salad

Another chill café that attracts locals and travelers alike. With the plethora of cafes in the area, why not give a little love to a lesser known one. The main selling point is the atmosphere: the barrel seats, countless board games, and notable artwork. It’s likely the cheapest restaurant you’ll find in Ubud.

Folk Pool & Gardens

Price Range: 55.000 – 220.000 rupiah ($4-$16) *Most dishes around 80.000 rupiah ($6)*

Recommendations: Chunky Cut Chips + Breakfast Toastie + Spinach Tortilla

We escaped a torrential downpour because of this restaurant. It holds a special place in our hearts and reminds us of our broken umbrella. It includes a ground floor restaurant, second floor bar, and backyard pool. What more can you ask for? It’s easy to drive by without notice but it’s worth a stop. Grab a bite or jump in the pool. There are various fees for pool entrance and cabana use; so, we recommend saving your money for the scenic infinity pools trickled throughout Ubud.

Warung D’Atas

Price Range: 65.000-180.000 rupiah ($5-$13) *Come hungry*

Recommendations: Jumbo Pork Ribs w/ Special BBQ Sauce

Morgan and I were missing a good ol’ rack of ribs while traveling through SE Asia. This restaurant is highly recommended among travelers and locals. A quick look at their Facebook page and you’ll see even Big Sean made an appearance. Chances are pretty slim the owner really knew who Big Sean was, but the ribs will show no mercy. Beware because the spice will bounce back. Too many and you’ll lose your dance a$$. Alright, I’m done.

Dessert Time!

Tukies Coconut Shop

Price Range: Under 70.000 rupiah ($5)

Recommendations: Coconut Ice Cream + Coconut Smoothie Bowl

You’ll see these tiny pop-up shops all over Bali. I regret to inform you that once you try the coconut ice cream, you’ll feel inclined to avoid any other dessert. Try the smoothie bowl because it comes with fresh fruit, granola, coconut shavings, and the list goes on and on. It’s truly remarkable what food combinations Balinese people think of. It’s the perfect snack café on a hot day and the dessert that will make your mouth water months after your return home.

You’re at the last one! Of course, it’s the most important.

Gelato Secrets

Price Range: Single Scoop 30.000 rupiah ($2.5) + Double Scoop 45.000 rupiah ($3.25)

Recommendations: Honeycomb + Ferrero Rocher + Stracciatella + Sorbet

There’s a reason why you will see the pink Gelato Secrets’ sign on every street. After dinner, it’s too tempting to make a quick stop at one of their locations. We developed an unhealthy habit where we physically/mentally weren’t ready for bed until we had our gelato. Try to be better than we were. Trust me, it’s difficult. Try a new flavor each time you go, you can’t go wrong.

Notice: Unlike most SE Asian countries, Bali restaurants/cafes do not include tax on their menus. For those budget travelers, plan accordingly if using cash.

Last, but not least, if you haven’t heard of the Bali Belly…you will. It refers to eating a fruit or vegetable washed with tap water. I mentioned above that these restaurants are safe. No one wants to spend a day with a Febreze can when they could be out exploring or sitting at a pool. Just be cautious and you’ll be fine.

Hope you enjoyed another post all about Bali! Morgan and I really enjoy the feedback we’ve been receiving from our fans. Please leave a comment or message us directly if you have any questions or simply want to give us some input. Remember to like, follow, and enjoy our previous posts. See you next week!

– Kyle

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